Caron Forced Square Capitals and lowercase Aa 09

Caron Forced Square

Introducing Caron Forced Square, a modern font inspired by retro pixel aesthetics with a minimalistic twist. Its strong, squared design makes it perfect for logos, branding, and display purposes. Download Caron Forced Square here or on and unleash its versatile charm in your designs.

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Caron Forced Square


Caron Forced Square boasts a unique retro square style, ideal for those seeking a pixelated, minimalist font with personality. Its standout feature lies in its carefully crafted lowercase and uppercase glyphs, offering diverse options for captivating typography while preserving its square, pixelated charm.

This versatile display font enhances logos, headlines, or titles with a playful retro touch, perfect for designs evoking nostalgia or a vintage vibe. Crafted for readability and legibility, Caron Forced Square is a must-have for designers aiming to infuse their creations with a distinctive, minimalist, and retro feel.

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